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2013-12-06 09:11 am

here again

Here I am again - it seems quiet.
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2010-06-30 04:52 pm

I was right when I said I was never naughty!!!!

Guess what?

I am a super saint !!!!!

Aunty [ profile] aglarien knows all about it - I am too modest to blow my own trumpet so you will have to ask her :D

Love Mel - God of the flying nipper beetle (extinct) and super saint!

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2010-06-21 09:10 pm

Happy Birthday Aunty Elladansgirl.

Happy Birthday Aunty.


I hope you get lots of cake and kisses of good looking elves

(except Glorfindel, he is mine.)

Love Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2010-04-03 04:35 pm

Thank you to all my aunties!!!!

Thank you to all my aunties who sent me lovely birthday greetings :D

Thankyou to Aunty [ profile] angelstar3999 , Aunty [ profile] elflover59 , Aunty [ profile] erviniae , Aunty [ profile] olorime001 , Aunty [ profile] chaotic_binky , Aunty [ profile] inwe_saralonde , Aunty [ profile] mistressminx_13  who baked loads of yummy cakes for me and Aunty Tena aka [ profile] faramirhaldir who also sent me three virtual gifts!!! She did not send [ profile] ereolas any and that is because she loves me a lot more than him. ;D

Look at this picture of Hello Vampire that Aunty Olorime gave me:

hello vampire

I hope you are all having a great time. I have a bit of a belly ache - Ada Erestor says it is because I ate so many cakes but I wonder how he would know, not having been an elfling himself for the past one and a half million years.

thankyou-11 Pictures, Images and Photos

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2010-03-10 07:26 pm

Happy Birthday to you, Weepingnaiad!

Happy Birthday, Dear Lady.


Wishing you a wonderful and cake filled day.

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2010-03-10 07:24 pm

Happy Birthday to you, Melethen!

Happy Birthday to you, [ profile] melethen !


Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy and happiness :D

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2010-03-02 02:06 am

Happy Birthday Olorime001

Happy Birthday to you, [ profile] olorime001 !


Wishing you a day filled with parties and loads of cake and jelly!

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2010-02-28 09:20 am

Thank you FaramirHaldir!

Thank you Aunty Tena for the virtual balloons!

I am glad you didn't send any to [ profile] ereolas , which proves you love me more than him :D

Here is a lovely picture for you, Aunty.

kawasi hasui

Kakinose, Hogo by Kawase Hasui

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2010-02-18 07:55 pm

Happy Birthday Naledi_seren :D

Happy Birthday dear Lady.



Wishing you a very happy birthday :D

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2009-12-23 10:40 pm

Happy Birthday elflover59!

Happy Birthday Elflover59!

geb Pictures, Images and Photos

Wishing you the very best of days!

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2009-12-15 01:43 pm

Happy Birthday to you Zilah1!

Happy Birthday Aunty [ profile] zilah1 !

Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics
Birthday Comments

Wishing you lots of present and cake and kites!

Love Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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2009-11-18 02:27 pm

Happy Birthday Aunty Aglarien!

Happy Birthday aunty [info]aglarien1.


Lots of love from your favourite elfling :D

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2009-11-05 09:05 pm

Happy Birthday Maelleconstance!

Happy Birthday Aunty :D


Hope you have lots of fun and fly some kites!

Love Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2009-10-18 09:24 am

Happy Birthday to Inwe_saralonde!

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] inwe_saralonde!


Wishing you a very happy Birthday!
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2009-09-19 01:31 pm

Please click!

Reposted from [personal profile] mistressminx_13's page.

Hi, all you animal lovers!

This is pretty simple... Please repost. 

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.

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2009-09-01 06:06 pm

Happy Birthday Ereolas

Happy Birthday Snot Face :D


Love Mel xxxxx

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2009-08-09 06:45 pm

Happy Birthday Blue_gold :D

Happy Birthday to you, [personal profile] blue_gold .


Wishing you lots of cake and presents.
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2009-08-05 10:04 pm

Happy Birthday Aperfectdot :D

Happy Birthday Lady Mirfain!

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope you get lots of trifle and cake and presents!

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2009-08-04 01:48 am

Happy Birthday Erviniae!


Happy Birthday Aunty [ profile] erviniae !

I hope you get lots of presents and cakes and don’t get into trouble for being naughty, Love Mel and Agatha Kiss Kiss!

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2009-08-02 08:55 am

Happy Birthday Faramirhaldir!

Happy Birthday Aunty Tena!




Hope you have lots of cake and don’t get in trouble even if you are naughty.